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9.6.2002 / Bohemia championship kids, juniors & seniors

The most successful female kid competitor is again from Sonkal

Last competition in first half of this year was Bohemia championship kids, juniors and seniors held in Třeboň. Competition took both weekend´s days because of more than 200 competitors from 15 taekwon-do schools. They competed not only for medals, but for points to Chart of official czech national champion. Three tatami for patterns and sparring and also posts for power breaking and special techniques. Unfortunately, competition wasn´t enough fluent in fact that only 17 referees were avalaible (17 ref. from 15 schools isn´t enough).

Sonkal, despite of injuries and illness of few succesful

competitors sent 18 of us. We had female team for female kids (3rd place patterns and special techniques, 1st place sparring) and junior female team only for t-ki (special techniques). We hoped thad our junior team will be able to took medal, but that it gold medal wasn´t supposed. Girls (Bára Lála Sýkorová, Martina Bardonová and Lucka Kolmanová) broke everything faultlessly and as the only team scored in all 3 techniques. They defeated Hwa-Rang team too in spite of fact that their team was completely from national team members (Tošnarová, Holubová and Hambergerová)!

Only Linda Deutschová was able to take gold medal in patterns (female kids 4.kup and above). Ivana Hřebačková was very succesful too and got 2nd place (famale kids 6.-5.kup).
Bronze medals of Tran Vu Huy (senior male I.Dan and above), Pavel Zavadil (junior male I.Dan and above), Milan Fulmek (juniors male 4.-3.kup), Dominika Bardonová (female kids 4.kup and above), Pavla Dvořáková (kids female 6.-5.kup) are nice results too.

We were succesful also in sparring. Linda Deutchová took gold, but without fight. Dominika Bardonová fought here first fight against opponent from another school, but despite of fact he lose, she got bronze medal. Matěj took bronze both from sparring and special techniques, but we think that without injuring his thumb he was able to got better place.
There was a large chance for Bára Lála Sýkorová to win female juniors sparring up to 60 kg and according what lot of spectators and refferees said, she should won, but judges at her ring had another opinion. Aneta Jimenézová (TKD club Prague, national team member), Bára´s opponent in final, was surprised too. In senior male sparring cathegory we had Tran Vu Huy (up to 71 kg), who fought Jan Klaška (Třebon tkd club, but he trains in Sonkal, because of studying Prague university) in final, lose and took 2nd place and Tomáš Bobek who defeated both his opponents from Pilsen´s Narama club and won gold medal.

Special techniques brought us individual cathegory 1st place of Bára Sýkorová (female juniors A) and 2nd place of Linda Deutschová (female kids). Tomáš Bobek gave up becase of his injury from last week.

Only Lála competed in wirok (power breaking) and got 2nd place after Petra Tošnarová (the most experienced female junior competitor) as at regional competiton last week.


Linda Deutchová – the most succesful female kid competitor

As school we took 5th place with 6 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze medals.

Complete results here

Translated by Martin Svitek


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