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17.11.2019 / Czech national championship

The Unexpected Success

When we went to the Championship of the Czech Republic in Nymburk on 8th of November, surprisingly, I had no expectations or feelings about that situation, as I usually have.
I had a thought in my mind if I would fit in my weight category for my machine at home showed chaotic numbers, but fitted perfectly.

On Saturday 9th of November the competition was determined to pupils, veterans and seniors. My category of patterns started shortly after noon. Because in previous years I was rather unsuccessful in this discipline today I stepped into the ring just to try my performance. Yet, I did not want to give up easily. I was greatly surprised when I won three matches and gained third place.

Much greater pleasure came during the sparring discipline. I knew that was very well prepared and felt that I could defeat one opponent at least. First match was very difficult for I was unable to get warmed enough before it. For a long while I was losing but during last few seconds I managed to turn the scores. Second fight was quite easier, perhaps, because I was warmed up a bit and more at ease.

Third match was the hardest to me and I won in extra time. Thanks to that I managed it to the final. Unfortunately I had no power to win the last fight. Eventually I gained the second place in sparring which was my biggest success in my whole competition “career” that´s been already lasting ten years.

In the team contest our senior team gained two golden medals in patterns and special techniques and one bronze medal in sparring. In total our school ended at the second place among all the Taekwon-Do ITF schools of the Czech Republic. I hope that, among the others and more successful, I contributed to this beautiful place as well.

I have to thank all of Sonkal school members for their support and congratulate to their performances. I must admit that I found this competition the most hard to me but also the best.

Thank you all a lot


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