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26.12.2019 / SLO Open 2019

The Penguin did not spoil our trip

In a few years it´s become our custom to visit Slovenia for competition. Last years we attended the capital many times to take part in Ljubljana Open. This year, as well as the previous one, we went to try the contest of higher quality A class Slovenia Opena that took place in the town Zreče.
On Friday 15th November we set off from our usual spot in Černý Most. We went by three cars and there were thirteen contestants and three drivers in them. I was concerned by linking warning light of glowing in my car and the powerless car assured me that something was definitely wrong. Fortunately, we stopped for the first toilet break at the closest petrol pump and the skilled eye of Tomi discovered resent presence of “penguin” inside my car. Thankfully, Tomi has some friends in nearby Skoda-Auto service. There they changed the chewed turbo-hose in a few seconds on the parking spot and we were able to go on in our trip.

At the last stop in the Czech Republic in my birth-town we filled our cars with gas and bought some supplies for the road and dinner. Because most of the contestants kept their weight on the edge we did not stop at any fast-food and we ate after weighing. It should be noted that there was no fast-food on the road.

After almost ten hours of driving we arrived at the spot and registered for the contest. Everybody fitted to his or her weight category so we could accommodate ourselves and than have dinner.

The competition started on Saturday morning. The programme was planned for juniors, seniors and veterans. Unlike the previous years, everything went fast and smoothly. Thanks to the opportunity of double start in the higher-age category our pupils were allowed to compete as well. In their junior categories they gained the best results they could. In pattern competition they won almost everything. In sparring some categories were full of skilled fighters and we had to gave up some fights because of injuries. Ondra Faltin had to give up a fight he almost won with later winner of the category. Jiří Novák was unable to finish his match as well for he got his ribs injured. I was looking forward to family patterns-match between me and Ondra Faltin which was possible thanks to the double start. Unfortunately, both of us ended before we could meet each other in the tournament tree.

Eventually we took the cup of the best veteran and closely missed the cup of the best younger junior because of a strange result. As the whole school we won the first place and we exceeded the Czech National Team which sent to Slovenia groups of juniors and seniors.

Considering the local conditions, the Saturday part ended quite early and we arrived at the hotel around seven o´clock. We had some pizza in a restaurant then we chatted for a while and then we returned to our rooms. I soon found out that Tomi is not just a great auto mechanic but also skilled plumber. So our bathroom was not flooded during the evening shower like the day before.

On Sunday the competition was for pupils. Our four great hopes were not successful in patterns. Eventually only Barbora Trunšková gained the third place among the green belts. Lea and Tea Rathouska underwent their first match in sparring. Both of them lost in the first fight but they won my respect for their braveness to step in the ring and fight. Because of the small number of our contestants in pupils category we did not keep our first place and ended as the second ones.
On Sunday around the lunch time we set off for our way back. After crossing the border of Austria, we encountered some troubles with flood around the town of Lavamund. We had to go on the mountain road with harpins around the lake Stausee. Close to the border we stopped at McDonalds for healthy lunch and the rest of Austria we passed without stopping. For the fuel we stopped closely before České Budějovice.

We arrived in Prague around eight o´clock p.m. and after a shortcut via mall area in Čestlice we got to Černý Most to our usual parking place.

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