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7.1.2020 / Christmas Taekwon-Do demonstration

Successful Christmas event

A year went by and the Christmas exhibition time has come as the final Taekwon-do quest. The positive experiences of 2018 led us back to the Theatre in Horní Počernice.
Unfortunately, as we experienced at the beginning of summer holidays one feels fate changes and this option fell due to the long-term reconstruction of the Theatre.

Our next choice was the Plechárna in Černý Most. First, I would like to say it was not bad option at all – interesting interior, the possibility of refreshment, the base – ZŠ Vybíralova with all the material close by and mostly the very friendly staff of Plechárna! At 17 o’clock we started with moving tatami from the gym (you would not guess the capacity of Škoda Octavia Combi). 30 minutes later the participants arrived and at 18 o’clock we started with general exam were we tried what/where/when we will perform.

It was quite cozy before 19 o’clock. Because I was struck by some sort of flu the day before, I only had the initial word and then I stayed back, filming the whole show. The rest of exhibition was guided by Pavel Šnábl who managed it very well.

During the exhibition there were performing representatives from all of our five gyms. The whole time it was an attractive show to look on from the cute little pre-schoolers or the beginning Taekwon-dists, who usually attends primary schools and of course the black who added the quality. We had both ours and hosting black belts (Přema Šesták, Eliška Máchová) performing.

This time I could see the exhibition from the audience, and I am glad that the teenagers with colour and black belts are up to new and difficult tricks. On the other hand, I am not that happy for a higher black belt performing a routine exhibition instead challenge themselves. I hope for the next exhibition to be even more interesting and attractive in 2020.
At the end of the exhibition we announced our most successful competitors:

1st place – Tereza Štekerová (1st place senior female/senior male )
2nd place – Jan Veškrna (1st place junior female/junior male)
3rd place – Ondřej Faltin
Lea Rathouská – 1st place youth female/youth male

We also did not forget to appreciate the parents who help us the most – Věra and Jirka Novák and Tomi Trunška! My personal thank you is to the three loyal instructors – Jirka Faltin, Pavel Zavadil and Pavel šnábl – without them I would not be able to manage all I do now.

We finished with the video with moments from the whole year 2019 made by Alex Mach. Alex started with filming and video cutting in 2nd half of the year and this is not the only thing he created. The video is honouring all Instructors of Sonkal, competitors and members for their work during the last year.

All present had the opportunity to buy the charity Taekwon-do calendar. The final sum we were able to collect at the exhibition is 14.043 Czech crowns! The amount is amazing and the fact that three of the calendar actors were asked sign their pictures was flattering.
We thank to the audience for coming and for all (loud) support. I believe we will repeat the event. In 2020!

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