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11.11.2002 / XI. Sonkal sportcamp

Photos from last sport camp

On Thursday (7th of November) 45 members of our school left forward to our favourite location, we have visited for many times – Sporthotel Frýdštejn. First nice surprise was that
our forwarding agent Mr. Kořínek provided us Mercedes bus instead of average common bus
for same price. We really appreciated this change and our trip became very fast and comfortable. Together with bus, our trainers left by cars fulled by equipment as tatami, targets, power breaking and special techniques posts.

First training in Thursday afternoon we spent by practising and repetition of basic techniques and patterns from Saju Jiru

gi to Yul-Gok. Friday trainings were dedicated to advance techniques and patterns up to Choong-Moo (first degree pattern). After second training there was second surprise. We left to Aquapark in Liberec, everybody was very happy including the oldest of us.

Third surprise was first snow on Saturday morning. Soon after breakfast boys made large Sonkal snowman and dressed him to T-shirt with logo of our school. He looked invulnerable, but after few yop chagi (side kicks) true was shown and snowman destroyed. Small snow battle followed :o) First saturday training was all about jumping kicks, special techniques and
improving our jumping skills. In the afternoon we did sparring drills, sparring situations and sparring itself. We continued doing this on Sunday mainly matsogi (sparring) itself. Last training we got back to patterns and step sparring, it looked like kind of relaxation, but we have lerned lot of new things.

To summarize this training camp I must compliment everybody, mainly the youngest of us and begginers from Kladno. Their bahaviour, courtesy and friendly demeanour were great.
Regarding results of survey conducted by our trainers this event was one of the most succesful, we have ever organized.

Small quotation of Martin Svitek: „One day, I would be able to kick dollyo chagi as young Aneta“ (look here to see perfect dollyo chagi :o) ).

Translated by Martin Svitek


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