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16.9.2002 / Photo session for Budogirls.com

Photo session samples

How we advised you last week, on 16th of September creator and photographer of very popular website www.budogirls.com visited Prague and of course our dojang to take some photos of our warrior-girls :o) This website is specialized in taking photographies of female martial artist. Till this collection, there wasn´t any photos with Taekwondo ITF girls, but how can you see, we took measures to change this.

As usual, we have carefully prepared for whole action, both

choosing good background and skilful girls. Our three girls (Bára,Linda and Lucka) were supported by Věrka Němcová (member of Taekwon-do school Hwa-Rang Praha and Czech national team) and Aneta Morávková (member of Taekwon-do school Kerberos Praha). As Bad-boys we asked for help Martin Svitek, Pavel Zavadil and Martin Hlůže from our school. All of them rise to the occasion very carefully, it was complimented by Budogirls.com webmaster Andy himself.

Unfortunately, all our plans were changed by very unstable weather. That was reason why we took all photographies in our gym. Andy asked us to prepare one training with girls so he could see stretching, hand and foot techniques, special techniques(=flying kicks), power breaking, sparring and finally hoosinsol(self-defence).

As well Andy complimented our training equipment and our professional approachment to this event. Probably, Andy will visit us next year again to take photos with background of Prague and czech nature. See budogirls forum to read about Andy´s experiences from this Sunday.

Our pictures are avalaible right now, Andy´s photos are onwww.budogirls.com in few days.

Translated by Martin Svitek


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