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6.1.2020 / Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open 2019 / 5th Devil's cup

Nice meeting prior to Christmas

After having been re-deployed from Egypt at the beginning of December, I had the first opportunity to attend taekwondo competition hosted by our school Sonkal, the Ataxon Taekwon-Do Open in Prague. What is more, these competitions are traditionally inspired by national custom “Saint Nicholas Day”. As well as the Saint Nicholas on his way, the Saint Nicholas Cup has been always accompanied by devils. You could see evils everywhere, especially on medals and dummies as well.

From my point of view, it was really nice time spent on meeting taekwondo people shortly before Christmas. Seeing all these known faces from 21 clubs (250 competitors in total) helped me to get used to being at home again. What I liked the most, all competitors did their best and thanks to it the quality of the tournament was really high. If you could not make it, highly likely you have missed a lot.

In conclusion, let me congratulate to all medal holders, it was not easy to win at every time because your rivals were good as well. Speaking of all winners, we priced these best of best for their success by cups and Ataxon taekwondo equipment:

• Best younger youth female, Petra Heydušková (Silla), 2-0-0
• Best younger youth male, Hieu Nguyen (Silla), 1-1-0
• Best youth female, Karolína Chmelíková (Třeboň), 1-1-0
• Best youth male, Marek Duda (TKDFM), 2-0-0
• Best younger junior female, Anna Marie Tvrdíková, (Kaviná), 2-0-0
• Best younger junior male, Ondřej Faltin (Sonkal), 2-0-0
• Best junior female, Veronika Rožboudová (Třeboň), 2-0-0
• Best junior male, Jan Vešrkna (Sonkal), 2-0-0
• Best senior female, Eliška Máchová (Třeboň), 2-0-0
• Best senior male, Štěpán Kuvik (Sonkal), 2-0-0

Regarding the best of best, the best club was Sonkal (17-14-10), Třeboň (10-4-7) and Silla (8-7-6). Thank you all for coming and I really hope to see you next year. By checking our calendar, you will not miss the next Saint Nicholas Cup.

Finally we would like to say thank you:
- Ataxon - brand of taekwon-do doboks
- Hayashi CZ - equipment for martial arts & sports
- Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Federation for equipment rental & financial support

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