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23.9.2002 / Course before test for black belts

More than 70 red and black belts in action

After long time seminar for red and black belt took place in Treboň. In spite of fact that not everyone is preparing for degree test, about 70 taekwondists attend this interesting event.

Seminar itself was split in two parts (3 hours each), it was led by MuDr. Rostislav Kaň

ka (IV.degree, head coach of czech national team and taekwondo school Tong-Il České Budějovice) and Jaroslav Vomáčka (III.degree, head coach of Taekwon-do school Hwa-Rang Prague). Both are one of those who practising Taekwon-do from its beginning in Czech Republic. First of them taught us patterns and second one 3 and 2 step sparring (matsogi).

Warm-up exercises and stretching were followed by Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi. We had enough time
to have every problematic technique or move carefully explained. Many specify questions were answered.
In first part one and two way 3-step sparring and patterns up to Joong-Gun were practised..

Afternoon training we gave heed to Hwa-Rang and Choong-Moo patterns, after this we divided to two groups (black belts and colour red belts). Higher ranks improved their second degree patterns and colour belt did 2-step sparring.

Technical seminar was good experience for everyone, so I hope next one will be soon.

Translated by Martin Svitek


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