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6.12.2002 / Fighter's Budoshow 2002

Martial arts show again

We, martial-artists, had an oportunity to wiev Third Fighter´s budoshow arranged by Miroslav Sobotka and Martin Břen.

Show started at 15 o´clock by effective coming (or it´s better to say fall) of Michal
Frabša, who began the show by short speech and then comment all of the budoshow.
After this, kickboxers from Factory Pro Prague demonstrated short free-style form and at the end, they formed living-gate which all participants ran through.

Unfortunately this Budoshow didn´t begin (las

t year it did) with traditional chinese Lion dance. Some visitors could appreciate it, but I think it´s a nice spectacle. Then we saw lot of exibitions. Tradition ones like Karate, Wushu, Viet Vo Dao, Aikido (very traditional show, but very very useful), Tai Chi or real show created for audience without traditional stuff like Taekwon-Do ITF, Asia Gym Sport, free-style forms and brazilian martial art with incredible jumps Capoeira. Fans of practical self-defense could saw Muay-Thai, Ultimate fighting , Wing-Tsun a Escrima with simple but very useful and nice effective techniques.

As last year, swordmen from Beroun participate here and shew their art in a short story with lot of action and humour. Nice surprise for everybody ,who love world of martial art was VIP guest Kenny Yamanue (10. Dan Yamanue Ryu Aikijutsu). Who have seen this elder man for at least one time, know that he´s incredibly skilfull, but unfortunately he was only visitor and not participate here.

To summarize, I would say that it was great afternoon, sometimes disturbed by bad knowledge of commentator and similarity of exibitions with last year´s budoshow, but I´m glad that we have such a big martial art event in our small country.

Translated by Martin Svitek


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