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10.3.2002 / I. Republic meeting CYT

First meeting was succesfull

On Saturday, March 9, young Taekwon-do students and candidates for members in TYC – Talented Youth Centers (Střediska Talentované Mládeže) met for the first time in this year in Třeboň. This meeting came to good for our STM Praha II, we placed second overall.

The already traditional part of get-togethers is to pit strengths and performance of the individual talents. Most of the medals got the STM Jižní Čechy (18-15-26), our STM got 9 gold, 10 silver, and 17 bronze medals altogether. Members of our club contributed to these amounts with 3 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Gold gained for us even twice Linda Deutschová (Sparring up to 45 kg and Special techniques), and Matěj Kropáč (Special techniques) as well. Successful beginning in new Junior categories were presented by Lucie Kolmanová and Milan Fulmek. A precious success is the 2nd position of the girls’ team in Special techniques competition (t-ki). It’s members were Lucie Kolmanová, Linda Deutschová and Martina Bardonová.

We can be pleased of getting three titles “The most successful competitor". Linda Deutschová with two gold medals became the top kid girl (together with Věra Hasíková from STM JČ) and Matěj Kropáč with one gold and one silver medals became the top kid boy (together with Jiří Kopeček from STM JČ). The collection is completed with medals by one of each metal of Martina Weigertová (Kerberos) as the top Junior B girl.


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