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12.3.2002 / International match Poland-Ukraine-Sweden-Czechia

Double first place from Poland

The Czech national Taekwon-do ITF team had been in the International match Czech-Poland-Sweden-Ukraine last week. The competitions were held in polish cities Lublin and Lubartow. Lublin is capital city of the Polish Taekwon-do, national championships are held here. The Polish Taekwon-do ITF Union has its seat here as well. The Czech team members were: Aneta Jimenézová, Markéta Stránská, Lada Oberreiterová, Věra Němcová, Věra Khunová, Marcela Klimešová, Hanka Hanousková, Hoang Quang Huy, Jan Kubát, Lukáš Vaněk, Michal Košátko, Jan Mraček a Michal Kobylarz.
The competition was split up into two separate tournaments, on Friday in Lublin, and

return matches on Sunday in Lubartow. In each of the weight categories everybody met everybody. There was an exception for groups with more than 8 contestants. In these cases two groups were drawed and winners competed in semifinal matches with those second placed cross-wise. Organizers made an attractive change in competition rules – it was impossible that two Polish contestants would fight against each other in the final match (even though in qualifying matches they placed promotion positions). So it was very attractive for spectators to see home great fellows to fight against rivals from different countries. Two women competitors from Argentina stepped in the qualifying matches as well, but none of them qualified for the finals. The home competitors team was literally full of World and European champions in Junior and Senior categories from a few last years, some of the names commanded respect: Dariusz Idzikowski, Mariusz Walach, Milosz Moskaluk, Joanna Paprocka, Joanna Lipa, Martyna Kisiel or Anita Pasek. Qualifying matches were held at three tatami, in each of the competition days there were more than 200 matches !!!

On Friday, even three of our competitors fought through into the finals – Lada Oberreiterová, Lukáš Vaněk, and Marcela Klimešová. The finals had always conception of shows – in breaks between separate rounds, there were short routines of Victoria, girl dancing group, in the end a fitness performance, and in the real ending demonstration of special breaking techniques and power breaking. More than 1500 spectators were squeezed in the sports hall, according to their responses they were excessively satisfied.
Only Marcela Klimešová succeeded to reach the highest victory rostrum, according to her merits she received a beautiful glass cup for the first place in the weight category over 70 kgs. Lada and Lukáš didn’t succeed to beat their contestants in the finals, so they placed second.

After a spare day of Saturday, the competitions were shifted in a nearby Lubartow town. In the order of the day, in the morning there we qualifying matches again, in early evening the finals, in which this time from our competitors were Věra Němcová and again Marcela Klimešová. Věra did a very nice battle with Martyna Kisiel, but it sufficed for the second position only. Marcela Klimešová was as successful as while the Friday final, and it resulted in the second Gold medal for Czech colors. Breaks were again livened up by Victoria’s performances, by fitness, whoopee of a gorilla and a crocodile on tatami and outside of them (very snappy was when the gorilla started parodying the Juche tul before Jaroslaw Suska performance :-) ), and the closing exhibition of Tul World champion Jaroslaw Suska (IVth dan).

The competitions in Poland have been a very good preparation to the forthcoming European championship put up by the south Bohemian town Třeboň on May, 3rd to 5th. You can see 158 pictures of the competitions, video records of the most attractive matches will be ready in a short time.

Video record available at the Video gallery

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