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27.8.2002 / X. Sonkal sportcamp

Annual X. Sonkal"s summer sport camp

From 23rd of August to 1st of September tenth training camp of Sonkal taekwondo school took place at Radvanice (village nearby Trutnov city). Nearly 60 taekwondo-ists took part in this challenging 10 days. Our accomodation was quite small, but comfortable hostel with gymnasium and football playground, where we took most of our photos (see Photo Gallery). All of 10 days were fulled by really hard, but interesting and various trainings.

Whole training camp was s

plit to two 4-days parts separated by day off (day of arrival we put in patterns). First two days, when we felt relaxed and full of energy, we put in patterns (tul) and special techniques (t-ki), two more technical disciplines of Taekwon-do. Third and fourth day was dedicated to sparring drills, sparring and improving strenght, energy and speed of our techiques.

Barbora Sýkorová

That was first part of our holiday :o), after this most of us has problem with walking up stairs, because our legs really hurt. Massage, hothouse and whole day off helped us to feel quite refreshed and prepared for next four hard days..

Linda Deutschová

As a big advantage I consider free entrance to gymnasium equiped by tatami and machines for special techniques and power breaking. We used it mostly to senior male team patterns training, stretching after trainings or improving our breaking skills.

Dominika Bardonová

And how we spent our leisure time? Time for relaxation put we in morning runs, swimming,
cycling ,watching taekwondo videos etc. One afternoon was dedicated to lesson of Taekwondo history.
I think it was wonderful 10 days for all of us and I hope that we´ll meet together next year on ,at least,
nice training camp.

Written by Martin Svitek

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