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22.6.2002 / II. Regional competition Prague

Again 3x the most successful overall competitor and the most succesfull school

This day in Vybíralova primary shool belonged to taekwondoists from Prague and surroundings parts. Appropriately prepared and decorated do-jang provide 2 tatami for patterns and sparring, one for each power breaking and special techniques, occupied by 76 competitors from 6 taekwon-do schools. Before start of competition one silent minute was given to honour memory of gen. Choi Hong Hi, who has gone last week.

Senior cathegory started first. We had 3 senior competitors – Tomáš Bobek, Martin Svitek and Jan Dvořák. Jan Dvořák took 3rd place in 6.-3.kup patterns and in 2.kup and above cathegory took Tomáš silver medal and Martin bronze one. Sparring final should be between Tomáš and Martin, but Martin took gold medal without fight regarding Tomáš´s illness.
In special techniques guys changed their places (Tomáš 1st, Martin 2nd). In power breaking started only Martin and in 5 techniques took 3rd place.

Next cathegory competing was kids, our the most succesful. Three gold medals took Linda Deutchová (patterns, sparring and special techniques). Kids compete in 3 disciplines, in this fact Linda was 100 percent succesful. Very near to this success was Matěj Kropáč, but he was not able to win third gold medal, which was taken by Honza Konár (from Sonkal too) in patterns 6.kup and above. Next medals for our school were gold for Klara Kolaříková and silver for Zuzka Kolmanová in 8.-7.kup patterns, also first and second place for Iva Hřebačková and Pavla Dvořáková in 6.-5.kup patterns. Silver medal for special techniques (t-ki) won Eliška Majerová. Gold medal, but without fight (no opponent), took Dominika Bardonová (sparring –40kg).

Last, but not least for us was junior cathegory. Gold medals in patterns took Milan Fulmek (4.-3.kup) and Lucka Kolmanová (8.-5.kup), who add gold medal from special female techniques (B cathegory). Pavel Zavadil, one of our best patterns competitors, unfortunately took only bronze medal in 2.kup and above cathegory regarding his own mistakes and defeated by Marek Řeřicha from Hwa-Rang Prague tkd school. Michal Růžička took 3rd place too. But both of them improve their score when won sparring. Four silver medals took Bára Sýkorová, it means one from every discipline (she is very universal, isn´t she?).

Summarizing :

  • Linda Deutschová - best female kid of competitor

  • Matěj Kropáč - best male kid competitor

  • Lucie Kolmanová - best female junior B competitor

  • The most successful competitors (SONKAL)

    List of schools´ results :

  • Sonkal 16-15-13 (gold-silver-bronze)

  • Hwa-Rang 11-8-11

  • Dan-Gun 3-3-3

  • Hosinsool 3-2-9

  • Toi-Gae 2-2-4

  • Silla 1-3-8

  • Complete resuls here

    Translated by Martin Svitek


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