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19.1.2002 / Republic competition juniors & seniors A

Abnormally success in higher categories !

First competition this year was Republic competition juniors & seniors group A (red and black belts). Competition was organized mainly for choosing new members for Czech national team. Sonkal was represented by only two competitors and despite they both were competing in higher cathegory (Pavel Zavadil in juniors and Tomáš Bobek in seniors) for first time, they were able to get 4 medals – what a nice surprice for us.

There were only 53 competitors from 11 schools, quite few regarding last years competition, but very nice duels were seen. Senior’s sparring final in weight cathegory –71kg and +71kg and senio

r special techniques were very attractive. There was small change in normally used rules – all final matches took place together at the end of tournament.

Pavel Zavadil shew his patterns practicing skills and lose in final with older opponent from České Budějovice. Ill Tomáš took 3rd place. But Tomáš took gold medal in special techniques. He, Europe champion Jiří Teslík and two times Official national champion Lukáš Vaněk scored in 4 of 5 techniques (nobody was able to pass bandae dolyo chagi). In first add up (bandae dolyo chagi) Lukáš Vaněk failed. Then Tomáš and Jirka continue in nopi ap chagi (270cm), torra yop chagi (240cm), noomo chagi (330cm) up to surprising end with dollyo chagi (270cm), which Tomáš didn´t pass, then Jirka broke board, but didn´t do a stance which is compulsory according to ITF rules. Next techniques was 245 cm bandae dolyo chagi which Tomáš passes, but Jiří teslík refused to continue. Tomáš took gold also in sparring after nice, experienced fights.

At the end of tounament Tomáš was assigned as best senior male competitor.

Complete results list here.

Movie is available in video gallery.

Translated by Martin Svitek


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