6.1.2002 / Final report for year 2001

Our competitors took part in lot of competitions held by both the Czech taekwon-do ITF federation and czech taekwon-do schools itselves. Tomáš Bobek and Hoang Qua
ng Huy
took part in German Open, European championship in Spain and the most important sport event of last year (2001) XII.Senior World championship in Italy (Riccione) together with the Czech national team, which they are members of. All our members assisted in gaining 194 medals (kids, juniors, seniors together) – 76 gold , 61 silver and 57 bronze. Comparing with year 2000, in which we won 133 medals (47-39-47), it´s success more than 50 percent larger.

As our the most important successes of year 2001 we consider :

  • Hoang Quang Huy - 1. place sparring seniors up to 54kg German Open

  • Tomáš Bobek - 3. place sparring seniors up to 71kg German Open

  • Tomáš Bobek - 5.-8. place sparring seniors up to 80kg XII. Senior World championship in Italy

  • Tomáš Bobek - 2. place team t-ki (special techniques) seniors XII. Senior World championship in Italy

  • Linda Deutschová – Official czech champion title (kids female)

  • Pavel Zavadil - Official czech champion title (kids male)

  • Tomáš Bobek a Hoang Quang Huy - 2. - 3. place in senior Official czech champion title rate

  • Taekwon-do ITF Sonkal Praha - 6. place in The most succesful taekwon-do school of Czech republic rate (big advence comparing year before).

  • The largest acquisition were buying a tatami from our cash and increasing the number of black belts in our do-jang to 7 (sixth Tomáš Bobek and seventh Pavel Zavadil).

    The Sonkal website statistics:

    Using information from website www.navrcholu.cz:

  • 5715 visitors

  • 85777 pageviews

  • 1895 pagewievs in one day (10th of December)

  • 23296 pagewievs in ine month (November)

  • During last year our website was visited by foreigners mostly form German, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdoms, Russia, USA, Canada and Argentina. The most frequently visited part of our website is, of course, photogallery, having 3180 photos is doubtlessly the largest photogallery in all of the taekwon-do websites.
    New part of website, started in 2001, is video gallery – very appreciated. You may download videos from events like:

  • Czech national championship

  • European championship – Spain

  • World championship – Italy

  • IV. Budoshow – Brno

  • II. Fighter´s Budoshow – Prague

  • There are about 15 videos downloaded from Sonkal website every day!

    Last but not least thing is remaking of website to dynamic form (PHP connected to mySQL database), done by Pavel Bareš (programming) and Ondřej Vrábel (contents).

    At end, we want to thank you for your favour and interest shown to our website and we promise that it´s going to still improve.

    Translated by Martin Svitek


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