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8.10.2002 / Black belt tests

41 people made test for I. & II. dan

On Sunday (6th of October) 41 taekwondo-ists tried to pass their first and second degree examination.
Because of many adepts, they were split to two groups during registration. In first group we had our only adept, but for second degree - Pavel Bareš (member of our school).


l of adepts were examined from tul(paterns), sambo, ibo, ilbo matsogi (3-, 2- and 1-step sparring) pan-jau matsogi(semi-free sparring), t-ki (flying kicks), wirok (power breaking), hoosin-sol (self-defence) and theory of taekwondo(history of taekwondo, interpretation of patterns, application of techniques etc.).
Almost all of them showed us they´re good prepared for examination, but unfortunately few adepts should spent more time improving their skills and knowledge.

Unlike years before, results were told at the end of exams - Pavel Bareš passed this and he could add one stripe on his belt after recieving ITF cartificate :o)

According to official informations 33 of 37 adepts for first degree (I.Dan) passed and all of 4 adepts
for second degree (II.Dan) succesfully passed. Congratulations !!!
And we wish perseverance in preparation for next exam to those who had failed.

Translated by Martin Svitek


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