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1.6.2002 / I. Regional competition Prague

3 most successful competitors and first position in overall

First day of June, prague school Hwa-Rang organized I. regional competition Prague.
71 competitors from 7 schools in three cathegories – kids, juniors and seniors competed in patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking. There were 29 kid, 27 junior and 15 senior competitors (no female senior competitors).

Despite of fact that about 30 competitors less competed than last year on same event, we may saw lot o

f nice practicing and duels.


In male kids 6.kup and above cathegory won Honza Konár defeating his friends from Sonkal and František Matoušek from Hwa-rang in finale. Female kids 8.-7. kup were dominated by kids from Silla taekwon-do school (trainer – Radka Heydušková, one of the most experienced female taekwon-do practicioners in Czech republic), but Zuzka Kolmanová (her first competiton) was able to got into the final, unfortunately in fact of nervosity, she made mistake in her pattern and took very nice 2nd place. Cathegory female kids 6.kup and above was led by Sonkal girls – 3rd place Barbora Hemerová and in final practiced Linda Deutschová against Dominika Bardonová. Dominika practiced very nice and powerfully, but it wasn´t enough to defeat last year Official national champion Linda. Our boys got first three places in male junior cathegory 4.-3.kup - 1. Milan Fulmek, 2. Martin Beneš a 3. Vašek Sedlmajer. After this competition continued in the highest male junior cathegory – 2.kup and above. Our Pavel Zavadil (he is first degree holder for only a while) defeated Marek Řeřicha (Hwa-Rang), Martin Hlůže (Kerberos) and in final he practiced better than member of Czech national team and experienced competitor Tomáš Celeda and got GOLD medal!
In female junior patterns we had only three girls – two in 6.-3. kup cathegory Lucka Kolmanová and Martina Bardonová. Lucka has only 6.kup, but he lose even in final after three patterns fight with Martina Weigertová from Kerberos taekwon-do school. Bára Sýkorová took 3rd place in 2. kup and above cathegory.
In male seniors patterns, there were only two cathegories 8.-3.kup and 2.kup and above, we have won both of them. In lower one defeated all his opponents Honza Dvořák, even what he said before competition : „I want to try it once“ and second one won Tomáš Bobek. Martin Svitek took 3rd place.


Our members were very succesful in sparring – only our competitors were registred in both kids cathegories and skillful Linda Deutchová and Matěj Kropáč took gold medals.
Honza Konár, Eliška Meyerová and Dominika Bardonová got iportant experiences in their first fights on sport event. Nice fight was on our two students fighting in final male juniors up to 52 kg, where after nice and well-balanced fight won Pavel, 3rd place took Milan Fulmek. The only female junior weight cathegory won Petra Tošnarová (Hwa-Rang) defeating our Bára Sýkorová in final. In senior male up to 80 kg got gold medal Tomáš Bobek without problems.


Special techniques is our favourite cathegory, Lucie Kolmanová took 3rd place on female juniors B cathegory. Female juniors A were mainly fight between Petra Tošnarová and Bára Sýkorová, after third add up techniques our Bara won. Next were male seniors where we had Tomáš Bobek and Martin Svitek, because of injury Tomáš took only second place, but
gold medal stayed in Sonkal because of Martin´s practice. We got double in kids because Matěj and Linda pass all techniques faultlessly. We have 4 gold medals.

Power breaking:

We are not too succesful in wirok by then. But Bára Sýkorová was able to break enough boards to take 2nd place.


  • Linda Deutchová – the most succesful female kid competitor (3 gold medals)

  • Matěj Kropáč - the most succesful male kid competitor (2 gold and 1 bronze medal)

  • Tomáš Bobek - the most succesful male senior A competitor (2 gold and 1 silver medal)

  • Sonkal Taekwon-do – the most succesful participating school

  • Full results here

    Translated by Martin Svitek


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