4.9.2019 / Recruitment
1.9.2019 / Recruitment
6.8.2019 / Black belts examinations
Ondra Faltin wears black
Ondra Faltin has begun his Taekwon-do journey a while ago in September 2011, when he was 6 years old. On Sunday, 4th of August he reached his first big milestone – the testing for I. dan. The testing is traditionally held at the end of Taekwon-do Summer Camp with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong, as a highlight. This year we travelled to Votice in Central Bohemia. The candidates hoped and were tested for I. to III.dan. Although the black belt testing can be taken as another in a row of belt testings, it is a very specific event and you can feel under pressure. Based on the complex composition o
5.8.2019 / Bulgaria Open
2.8.2019 / Celebration of Sonkal's 20 years
We are 21, but we'll go one year back
In my list of unfinished task there was a red color marked photogallery from last year’s celebration of 20 years of Sonkal. Unfortunatelly the time runs so fast so we get to it now, one year later. And what have we done? We performed an exhibition in Horní Počernice theatre where students from most of our dojangs and many black belts who are the core of our TKD school presented our martial art. In the audience there were not just friends and families of the performers but also our old members who haven’t dressed their doboks in a long time. It was nice to see Lukáš and Petr Legner,
26.8.2019 / 21th Adults, Juniors & Veterans World Championship
Photo report from World Championships
We bring you photos from whole 1st day of World Championship in Plovdiv. All together 971 photos. Enjoy & comments on FB :-D 345 photos from day Nr. 2 :-) 201 photos from afternoon par of day Nr. 2 ! During morning session we selected 102 photos. Day 3 is all about sparring :-) Last photo set with 125 photos from afternoon session in Plovdiv. Unfortunatelly I have to return home but Worlds still continue till Friday!
3.8.2019 / 25th Junior, 34th Adult, 11th Veteran & 9th Youth European Championships
29.7.2019 / Bulgaria Open
Competing in Bulgaria
The competition in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) was held on the weekend 24th to 25th of November. As our school wanted to participate in the competition, we left Prague on Friday (23rd of November), early in the morning by a plane. The whole flight was without any complications. After landing in Sofia,Bulgaria we rented cars at the airport and started the last part of our journey to Plovdiv. While driving from the airport we had the opportunity to observe the capital city of Bulgaria and we were rather disappointed by the view. There were ruined buildings everywhere and animals (goats, dogs, sheeps, etc
11.7.2019 / Scottish Open
Scottish mission
In the middle of May we took a part in Scottish Open. Finally we made all photos, in a few days will be also report.
21.8.2019 / Summer traning camp
Sweat and drudgery in Svatoňovice
Not to forget Taekwon-Do during summer time our school Sonkal went to traditional summer camp in Malé Svatoňovice in the Eastern Czech. Unlike previous years this time the camp did not take place at the end of August but in the middle of July from 13th to 21st. At the beginning the practicing was easy because the temperature was not pretty high and it was also sometimes rainy. Later, though, the thermometer showed a bit higher numbers which significantly influenced our power. Still most of us did not give up and bravely faced the heating despite the sweat-soaked uniforms or T-shirts. At l
13.7.2019 / Summer traning camp
Rainy start of camp
Photos from our summer stay in Malé Svatoňovice are completly available. Check them all :-) Check also our Facebook profile where you can find many interesting videos not only from summer camp :-) If you check our Instagram you will se selection of best photos from our events!
12.7.2019 / Easter's Sonkal Taekwon-do Camp
Easter Hunt in Zákupy
Easter Teakwon-do camp in Zákupy is traditional program over Easter holidays for every Sonkal member. This year a lot of people did not even had a chance to join us because of limited capacity. The bus full of our teammates left Prague on Thursday morning. Some of us (me as an example) joined others later in the afternoon but soon enough for afternoon Taekwondo workout. Quite hot summer weather welcomed us in Zákupy, which is unusual in April. It was gorgeous outside but the gym turned into hot sauna. This fact was warmly welcomed by those, who were on diet because of oncoming tournaments
6.7.2019 / International technical seminar with Grand Master Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan)
Practicing unites!
Czech Taekwondo Federation organized International Technical Seminar with Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong (IX. dan) in the date from 31st of May to 2nd of June. As in the several past years, the venue was sports hall TJ Chodov at Prague 4. Many high degrees of Czech Taekwondo gathered on the tatami but also several guests from Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Moldavia. Most honored guests were surely Master Andrew Whiteley and Grandmaster Wayne Brown with his wife Dorine. Sonkal members who attended the seminar were Ondřej Vrábel and Pavel Šnábl. The plan was to go throu
1.7.2019 / Test for color belts
Grading at the end of the school year
The end of the school year is usually full of exams, tests and is dedicated to earning the best final mark. Sonkal members added one more test to their schedule – color belt grading which took place on 13th of June. Almost forty adepts for higher grade gathered at Vybíralova School’s gym on that hot afternoon. Most of the adepts were newbies – adepts for 9th and 8th kup. Most advanced adept was Martin Schwáb who applied for blue belt or 4th kup. The grading was quite ceremonial because the juror was GM Hwang Ho-yong. Grandmaster awarded everyone with points according to their per
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