9.11.2018 / Technical course with Master Jerzy Jedut (VIII. dan)
Antiaging master Jedut
Populistic title, I know, but…. I practiced under master Jedut for my second time. First time was in Znojmo twelve years ago. We went there to see Jaroslaw Suska. Most of Sonkals attending that time doesn´t practice anymore, just Vláďa and Ondra remained. We all knew Suska´s videos, we wanted to see that kicks, to train under him. His trainings were interesting, but in my eyes, his instructor Jerzy Jedut was level ahead of him. Level of enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and understanding of Taekwon-do, of flow of trainings. Master Jedut started to lead seminars near Prague few y
1.11.2018 / Sonkal's taekwon-do camp
Taekwon-do camp in Zakupy (26 – 30.10. 2018)
Autumn holidays are the time of training and preparing for the competition at the traditional camp in Zakupy. This time we are in full training preparation for next Taekowon-do national championship in Brno. We started to train in the afternoon on Friday. At the beginning of the camp, we first tried to increase our condition. Our motto is: „Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today“. As we started, we confidently continued in our training. Feeling to be better was seen in every part of our gym. Sometimes it wasn´t easy and somebody reached their limits. We trust that these exe
15.8.2018 / Test for color belts
Color belt grading
Color belt grading in January belonged to the biggest in Sonkal history so we expected less attendants in May. But the opposite was true, 48 taekwondists were allowed to attend the grading. Most of them were beginners as usual. Highest belt on this grading was red, which was achieved by successful competitor Ondřej Faltin. All attendants were successful at the grading and we congratulate them. Next grading will take place at the end of our summer camp. Green and blue belts should generally aim to improve stances, dynamics of techniqu
20.10.2018 / Kick box Czech Open
Kickboxing experiences year after
Year passed quickly and we took part in kickboxing Czech Open for new experiences under different rules. Ondra Faltin, Jan Veškrna and me for our first time and Jana Kovářová fought again after her nice appearance here last year. Ondřej Vrábel, Martin Svitek and Jirka Faltin were helping as coaches and Petra Veškrnová helped to motivate us with kind word. We registered and weighted on Friday evening and competed on Saturday. Ondra fought as first in light contact, he did well, but lose with slight score difference. Honza entered his first fight, kicked three round kicks and was dis
9.10.2018 / Devil's cup
Devils are coming
Autumn already begun and end of 2018 is coming. And Devil´s cup is coming too. New change will be separating both juniors and kids to young and old (in patterns and sparring). We will compete in group system (so more duels even if you lose your first one) using electronic scoring system. Antidevil´s bracelets are ready and brand new medals and cups are planned. We are looking forward to meeting you on Saturday, December 8 at Petřiny Jih primary school. Information available here
24.9.2018 / Seminar with GrandMaster Kim Bok Man
Uder the lead of Supreme Master
In days 14th to 16th of September there was a seminar taking part in Bad Leonfelden in Austrina under the lead of Suprme Master and co-founder of Taekwon-Do, Kim Bok Man. Seminar was held by Taekwon-Do school of Velešín in collaboration with Taekwon-Do Bad Leonfelden which is part of Taekwon-Do Velešín. Besides taekwondists of organizing schools there were lots of practitioners from whole republic. Everybody was curious about the seminar for it was about traditional and old style of Taekwon-Do from ages it was still in cradle. Even Supreme Master Kim himself told us it´s going to be tr
11.9.2018 / 13th junior & 8th veteran World Championship
Experiences from first world championship of our veteran
The Taekwon-do ITF World Championships, this time for Veteran and Junior categories, was held from August 20 to August 26 in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. 600 participants from more than 50 countries meant great competition. The Czech representation team dispatched 25 members, 4 veteran and 21 junior competitors. From our school we had these nominations: Karolína Chmelíková – sparring -60 kg, Junior female team Jan Veškrna – sparring -60 kg, Junior male team Jiří Faltin – Patterns I. Dan, sparring -90 kg, Veteran team The departure was planned for Monday August 20 from Vacla
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20.8.2018 / 1st meeting of CYT
Talented youth meeting in Brno
During the first weekend in June we took part in Talented Youth Meeting in Brno organized by National Taekwondo ITF Association. This meeting is composed as a competition for talented young taekwondists. Firstly, the first competing day was dedicated for pupil males and also females. Thanks to small sports hall it was not able to compete on more than 3 rings in patterns and sparring and 1 ring was for special breaking techniques. What is more, the weather conditions were not well because of scorching weather. Luckily, having enough
23.9.2018 / Festival Stop zevling
Loitering with Taekwon-Do
It was Saturday September 8th 2018 and traditional event called Stop Zevling took place in Černý Most in Prague. Under the terms of this cultural-sport event is so-called Town of free-time activities with the possibility to present plenty of different kinds of activities. It was second time that our school took part in this occasion and we were allowed to present Taekwon-Do ITF. Shortly after lunch we gathered in gym and piled up pieces of tatami, targets, big targets, banners, foam sticks, boards and other stuff in a car which drove them near “Plechárna”. Our four-member expedition
22.8.2018 / Promotional photo shoot
I know what you did last summer II
Second part of photos from last year August. Leading actors were Pavel Zavadil, Jiří Novák & Jana Kovářová.
22.8.2018 / Promotional photo shoot
I know what you did last summer
Last August there were two photo shooting for our Sonkal members. Now you have the chance to see the first part of pictures with Tereza Štekerová, Vendula Benediktová and Lenka Hrstková. Before our summer camp we will offer you pictures with Pavel Zavadil, Jirka Novák and Jana Kovářová.
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